Vegetable Garden Starter Kits

Vegetable Garden Starter Kits

Have you always wanted to grow your own vegetables at home? Growing vegetable plants and having fresh produce all summer long has never been easier! Greenhouse to Garden is now offering preconfigured vegetable plant kits for new and experienced growers alike.

Did you know that the average family spends nearly $800.00 per year on fruits and veggies? That’s a lot of money. This spring and summer why not save some money and grow your own vegetables in your own back yard.

Aside from our pick and choose vegetable plants, our Greenhouse Team has selected some amazing vegetable plant combinations for a variety of home garden sizes. From condominium balcony gardens to larger rural and subdivision backyard plots, we have the perfect selections for you.

Did you know: Greenhouse to Garden is located in Vaughan, Ontario and provides hassle free pick-up services? Don’t have the time to drive to us.. no problem, Greenhouse to Garden can deliver your plant order to your doorstep.

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