Roku Express: A Must Have!

Roku Express

The Roku Express is a bite size full HD streaming devices that allows users to stream all sorts of media content on a television, which includes programming from applications such as Netflix, Amazon prime, BBC, and many others.

Once you complete the simple setup, you’ll have access to over 100,000 movies and TV episodes across 2,500 paid or free channels. The Roku interface is so simple to navigate; you’ll be enjoying your favorite shows in no time.

Access to over 100,000 movies and TV episodes across 2,500 paid or free channels

Unlike other streaming devices such as Android TV Boxes and the Apple TV, the Roku Express is a fraction of the price. This little guy will run you between $30.00 and $40.00 depending on what time of year you buy it and what specials are available. At the time of this review, there were no specials, so we purchased the Roku Express for $40.00 directly from Amazon, and within 2 days it was delivered to us.

The Looks

The Roku Express is noting to rave about in terms of looks. This little guy just sits in behind the TV and you will likely never notice it again.

The box is tiny! The Roku Express weighs only 1.3 oz and measures 1.4” by 3.3” by 0.7”. Because the Roku Express is controlled via an IR remote, you must have direct sight with it. This is not a problem, as the device comes with some double sided tape allowing you to mount it to the bottom of your TV, while still being generally out of sight.

Technical Specs

The Roku Express (Second Generation) claims to offer a five times faster performance than its predecessor. This is great news, and based on our testing and comments from other users, this is proven to be true.

The Roku Express is still a bit slower than some of its competitors such at the Apple TV and the NVidia Shield, but then again it’s also a fraction of the price. The device is still fast enough providing users with a smooth experience.

The Roku Express unfortunately does not produce 4K or HDR output. This is one of our only complaints about this device, but Roku does have other devices which are 4K compatible, and only cost a bit more. None the less, the Roku Express produces a sharp and stable 1080p video output over Wi-Fi, with no drops in resolution or mid-watch buffering at all during our testing.

Video Output

Upto 1080p


802.11 (b/g/n compatible)




DTS Digital Surround (Pass-through HDMI)

Cool Features

One thing we really like about the Roku Express is the Roku mobile app. The will work for both Android and iOS devices. Some of our favorite features of the Roku App include private listening, voice control, and the Roku casting feature.

Private Listening
Use headphones to listen as loud as you want without disturbing the house. Plus, up to three friends can join in on their phones too. This is hands down the best feature of this device.

Voice Search
Just say it to search by title, actor, or director across top channels. This is similar to the Apple TV voice command, and we are very happy that a similar option was made available to Roku users.

Cast to TV
See your photos, videos, and music up on your big screen.

Overall Thoughts

The Roku Express is a superb device. It is cost effective, visually attractive, and is very easy to use. Based on the above, we give the Roku Express an A+ and have no issue recommending it to you. Our only concern with the Roku Express was that it is not the fastest device on the market, but then again it is by far one of the cheapest streaming devices out there, and most definitely the best bang for your buck.


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