Tesla Model 3 Ice

For us Canadians the ability to deal with tough winter driving conditions and the expectation of ice and snow are fused into our DNA. Nerveless, while driving down the highway doing 100+ Km/h, hitting a patch of ice is never a fun time.

Most high end vehicles now contain driver assist systems. But, nothing compares to the auto pilot in the Tesla sedans and SUV.  In the early winter of 2019, somewhere in Quebec, Canada, a Tesla Model 3 cruising down the highway on Autopilot hit a patch of ice and stated to fishtail. See for yourself in the video below!

The owner of the Model 3 claims that the driver assist system saved his life and ultimately took control of the vehicle and safely brought it back into a lane. As you can see by the video, the Model 3 was facing forward and within the blink of an eye was nearly spun 90 degrees. At this point most of us would be screaming and grabbing the Oh S**T handle for dear life.

There are a ton of videos floating around YouTube showing off the Tesla Auto Pilot system, but nothing like this! In situations like this, most people would have a gut instinct to slam on the brakes, and try a corrective steer maneuver. Speaking from experience, this usually does not help, and may result in some massive over steer and potentially doing a full 360. Spinning your car around may be fun in a snow covered parking lot, but not on a highway.

The owner of the car Eric Laperriere claims that the correction of his car was entirely the result of the Model 3’s Autopilot.

“I didn’t touch the wheel once. Everything was done through Autopilot and the AWD system. […] The steering wheel was moving so fast that I preferred to let the car handle it.”

For the vehicle’s autopilot to bring an out of control car back to its original lane, while doing so in a safe manner is definable something we don’t hear about every day. This is why Tesla is one of our favorite companies to follow.

Notwithstanding the above, there is quite a bit of speculation about the validity of Eric Laperriere claims. Check out this Reddit thread https://www.reddit.com/r/Roadcam/comments/ad3ty4/canada_tesla_model_3_spins_out_on_ice_autopilot/.

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