Elon Musks Starlink Is Coming to Life with a May 2019 Lift Off!


We are in for some pretty cool stuff when it comes down to the future of high speed internet. If you have not heard about the Starlink initiative created and being brought to life by Elon Musk and the team at SpaceX, then you should keep your ears to the ground in the coming months.

Simply put, the Starlink program would see SpaceX launch thousands (approximately 12,000) relatively small satellites into lower orbit. These satellites will form a constellation around the earth and will ultimately be used to beam internet connectivity to our earth below.

This gets us super excited. Not only will we have a new telecom player in the game, but, if SpaceX succeeds, high speed internet access will be provided to all parts of the world! Speaking from the great white north, here in Canada, if you live outside of any major metropolitan area you (1) have to pay an arm and a leg for mediocre internet (2) or you are still running on dial-up.

Although the Starlink program has been in the works for quite some time, only recently did SpaceX receive approval from the Federal Communications Commission to launch two payloads of satellites into lower orbit. Now, we are not talking a few hundred, rather the first launch will consist of 4,409 satellites and the second launch will consist of approximately 7,518 satellites.

These satellites will of course take some time to get off the ground and will consist of multiple launches. It is estimated that this will take anywhere between 6 to 12 years. Now, SpaceX is preparing for their first main launch, which will consist of 60 satellites taking a ride into lower orbit on a good old Falcon 9.

Elon Musk has already noted that on this launch much will likely go wrong with the satellites. This batch will be a big expensive test, but ultimately these tests are required. No one wants to go full tilt just for something to go wrong.

This flight is scheduled to take place on May 15th, 2019 out of the Cape Canaveral in Florida. If you want to see how the Starlink program is set to work check out the video below for a great break down.


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