If you are a Google Pixel user, you must already know all about the new Night Sight feature on the Pixels camera app. As a Google Pixel user myself, I can tell you that this is probably one of the coolest features Google has put in a phone.

Capture stunning photos in the near no light settings!

For anyone who does not know what Night Sight is, well let’s give you a quick break down. Back in November 2018, the Night Sight feature was released for all Google Pixel Phones. This feature was contained within the Google camera application. The Night Sight application combines AI, and up to 4 seconds of exposure per photo to allow users the ability to shoot in VERY low light settings. This is a first for mobile device cameras. To be honest, my Google Pixel now takes better night photos than my DSLR, who would have ever known. If you want to see some results for yourself, check out the video below.

So, that’s all fine and dandy that Google has a game changing low light camera function, so where is everyone else in the game?

We can only assume that Apple is working vigorously at creating an at par application, but, Samsung is about to enter the arena with their own application called “Bright Night” and it is said that this new feature will be expected on the new Galaxy S10.

XDA Developers have discovered evidence in the latest One UI beta that the company is working on their own Night Sight-like feature. XDA was able to breakdown the beta Samsung Camera APK which was included on a One UI/Android Pie build and stumbled across some strings which eluded to the likely Samsung Version of Google’s Night Sight feature.

This is ultimately amazing news for Samsung users out there. Although it is said that the Bright Night mode will debate on the new Galaxy S10, other Samsung/Android users should expect it in the OS updates after the S10’s roll out. This was a similar action taken by Google, where the new Pixel 3’s were afforded first dibs on the Night Sight feature, then followed by Pixel 2 and Pixel 1 devices.

Although Samsung’s Bright Night mode is only rumored at this point, we can only hope that Samsung follows through! This will be a great use for all Samsung users, and the Android Community.


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