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The big debate these days revolves around which streaming service to choose. The three main streaming services in Canada include Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Crave TV. In this article we will provide you with an overview of each streaming service, and hopefully guide you to one that serves your needs best.


Netflix is the go-to streaming platform for most viewers. Generally speaking, it is affordable, there are some great shows as well as Netflix original content, and the platform itself is very easy to use and navigate.

In Canada the starting cost for a Netflix subscription is $9.99. This is reasonable; however, we can only hope that Netflix will not continue to increase their prices as they have done so at the beginning of 2019.

Another great feature Netflix offers is their downloadable content feature. This is personally my favorite feature; perfect for downloading movies or shows for road trips or that weekend up at the cottage were you may not have access to a Wi-Fi or LTE connection.

Pros Cons
Simple to use Outdated content
No commercials Location controlled content
Downloadable content New price increases
Multiple user accounts Sporadic removal of popular shows

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime initially began as a fast and free shipping program for orders of any amount; however, the company has now moved into many other areas, including free streaming movies and music, rapid delivery options, and discounts on items during Prime days.

Following in the footsteps of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video has their own original content including the “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “Transparent,” and “Jack Ryan.” The Prime Video platform is very easy to use and has a great user interface. Through our testing of Amazon Prime, we found the search feature and the menu layout very easy to navigate.

Amazon Prime Video has their own original content including the “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “Transparent,” and “Jack Ryan.”

With regards to pricing, you’ll be able to get an Amazon Prime subscription at a cost of $7.99 per month with the option to cancel at any time. Amazon also offers a one year price of $79.00 per year. This is a great deal!

Amazon Prime Video is a great option to consider. The Prime membership is well worth it if you are an online shopper and avid television watcher.

Pros Cons
Simple to use Commercials on some content
Original content Location controlled content
Works on all devices Streaming on max of 2 devices
Live NFL on certain nights Not as much content as Netflix

Crave TV

The Crave TV streaming service has been around for some time, but we are now really starting to hear more and more about it. Back in 2014 when Crave TV became known, it was a decent streaming service with some great content. However, at this time it was no comparison to Netflix.

The Crave TV catalog includes nearly every popular American show (.e.g Seinfeld) as well as every HBO show that is no longer in product.  Yes, that means the Sopranos, the Wire and many other amazing programs.

It was recently announced that Crave will include new programming from HBO, along with all content on channels previously known as The Movie Network, and other new content from Vice and Showtime.

With Crave TV there are 2 standard packages.

The standard Crave package includes “Critically acclaimed TV series, Showtime series and specials, Crave Originals and HBO library series and specials. Including Letterkenny, Star Trek Discovery, Castle Rock and the award-winning The Handmaid’s Tale. Showtime favourites like Ray Donovan, The Affair and new series Escape at Dannemora.” According to the Crave website and is $9.99 per month.

The Crave + Movies + HBO package includes “The most captivating hit movies and current seasons from HBO. Get it first on Crave. Watch the latest episodes of Game of Thrones, Westworld and Camping or hit movies like The Shape of Water and Red Sparrow. Crave + Movies + HBO also includes 6 live streaming channels.” According to the Crave website and is an additional $9.99 per month on top of the basic Crave package, totaling $19.98 per month.

Pros Cons
Great options for packages Not as easy to use as Prime
Great library of shows and movies A bit costly (but still cheaper than cable)
Works on all devices No live content
HBO content!! (Big Win) English only content

Overall, the three streaming services outlined above are all great options. They provide you with a simple and cost effective way to watch TV without a standard cable subscription, as well as having a direct link to your favorite shows and movies anywhere in the world!

If you are looking for quantity we recommend Netflix. If you are looking for ease of use and you are a big online shopper that can’t wait weeks for shipping, we recommend Amazon Prime, and lastly, if you are looking for great Canadian content and you are an HBO junkie, Crave TV is your best option.


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